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Landlord / Tenant Matters

Do you have a landlord and tenant legal issue? SLA may be able to help you with the following matters: 

  • Return of a security deposit 
  • Fundamental breach of a tenancy agreement 
  • Eviction 
  • Roommate disputes 

Two Possible Starting Points: 

1. Provincial Court. Click here for information from Alberta Justice’s website about filing an application at Provincial Court. 

2. Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolutions Service. The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service offers landlords and tenants an alternative to arguing their dispute in court. Using RTDRS may allow you to resolve your dispute more quickly and less expensively than filing an application at Provincial Court. 

To use this service, you must complete the RTDRS application form. The RTDRS will file their application and set a date and time for the hearing to take place. The matter will be heard before a Tenancy Dispute Officer who is authorized to make binding decisions on claims up to $50,000. The decision of the Tenancy Dispute Officer is binding on all parties. 

Both landlords and tenants may file an application with the RTDRS for different remedies. For an overview of the RTDRS process, click here. 


Do you have a document you need to get notarized? SLA’s current articling student is able to perform notary duties. 

A notary public is a third-party witness to the signature of a document and to the fact that the parties who signed did so willingly. 

Notary services are free for current University of Calgary students. For members of the public, a fee of $20 is required to have a document notarized. 

To make an appointment to get a document notarized, please called the SLA Offices at (403) 220-6637 

Please note, a notary is not required to notarize your document if he or she is not confident that you are the person in question. 

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